Stefanie Lewallen with The Write Talk loves to do just that.. Write and Talk! When she is not writing she is no doubt speaking about her faith. Stefanie offers over 20 years of professional writing services including feature writing, ghost writing, PR, marketing and
fundraising.  Her speaking engagements include women's groups, youth groups,  and speaking to writer's groups on "Writing as a Ministry".  Her articles have been seen locally and internationally in The Commercial Appeal, Delivered Magazine, The Tri-State Defender, Bartlett Express, LifeSiteNews, LifeNews  and many more. If you are interested in booking Stefanie for your next event or would like to inquire about her writing services please email her at

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you pregnant, scared and need help? Alot of girls have gone through this exact
same thing! You are not alone! You can personally contact me at, and I will be glad
to talk with you, meet with you and point you to the resources you need!! You
can also call for an appointment with ICU MOBILE at 901-878-4878. You want to
go to ICU MOBILE first because the counselors can help you with your needs, and
you will receive a FREE pregnancy test and ultrasound!

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Stefanie Lewallen
with The Write Talk loves to do just that.. Write and Talk! When she is not writing, she is no doubt speaking!
Stefanie offers over 20 years of professional writing services including featurewriting, ghost writing, PR, copy, marketing and fundraising. Along with her faith-based writing work, she has turned her passion into furthering the plight
of the unborn.

Her work first
began in her early years when she learned how to write. As soon as she knew how, she began writing stories in her tiny spiral notebooks her mother bought her. Later in life, she wrote for her college newspaper and began
freelance writing while still a student. Stefanie has a knack for capturing the spirit of ministry work and personal testimonies and relaying them in stories that readers enjoy to read.

Services include expertise in several areas of communications.

Stefanie Lewallen


  • Speaker and Writer - posseses strong oral and written communication skills
  • Faith Based projects and writing
  • PR and Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Events planning
  • Fundraising
  • Social Media skills/PR/Marketing/website copy and upkeep
  • Radio
  • TV
  • Newspaper
  • Magazine
  • Director of Development 


Pro-Life Writing and Speaking includes additional experience in

  • Pro-Life education, apologetics and training
  • Helping teens found Pro-Life club
  • EMCEE and spokesperson for national and local Pro-Life projects working with groups such as Life Decisions International and Shelby County Right to Life.
  • Newswriting featuring Pro-Life testimonies
  • Social Media/PR/Marketing
  • fundraising programs and events
  • implementing programs and events
  • recruiting volunteers/heading committees/training



  • St. Agnes Academy - Memphis Tn.
  • University of Memphis-BA
  • Major Sociology
  • Minor Journalism
  • Master Course work in Advanced News-Writing and Team Quality Management.




"Thank-you for
making the time and effort to come to our class and speak. You gave many of us
a new perspective on the topic of abortion." Patti S

"It's such valuable information. We got another call from an
abortion-minded girl today.  I am meeting with her on Monday to talk about her options, and I look forward to being able to present some of the information you shared with us! " 
Adoption counselor


thank-you for the training! I know that it has been very helpful to the staff. I personally have used some of the things we talked about during the training, and it proved to be very helpful. One of the counselors took a call last
week, and she used some of the techniques you presented. It has proven to be very helpful to the staff in many ways. I think the most noticeable way is that there is more of a comfort with taking these calls. I think we are now making an even bigger difference. Thank you again!" Michael McDonald, CEO



"It was the best banquet by far. As I told everyone last night, Stefanie ...put together a banquet that was every bit as good as any charity event held in the city by the much bigger charities like ***, ***, ***, etc. And those charities have some heavy duty corporate sponsors. The silent auction was actually much better than a recent event in February ( both in quantity and quality of items to bid on)  . It certainly paid off with a class event that hit the right tone in every respect." Pregnancy Medical Center Board Member



The Write Talk with Stefanie Lewallen is unique in that Stefanie not only has many years of writing experience, but that she uses her writing for the Glory of God.  Stefanie wants the client to be happy with what she writes for them. Nothing goes into copy without the consent of who she is interviewing.